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If you’re tired of being left in the dark whenever the power goes out, have a standby generator installed. Also called a whole-house generator, this backup power source offers a host of benefits. Here’s why it’s worth the initial investment. 

Why You Should Get a Standby Generator

1. Stay in Place

During a power outage, all appliances lose power. For example, your water heater and HVAC system will stop running. Food stored in the fridge will also spoil after two hours without power. Even toilets may eventually stop flushing because sewer pipes typically rely on electric pumps.

Since some power outages can last for days, losing such appliances may force you to seek shelter elsewhere. With a standby generator to provide an alternative energy source, you might be able to safely remain at home while you wait for power to be restored.

2. Use Medical Equipment 

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If anyone in your home relies on breathing machines, dialysis equipment, or other medical devices that use electricity, installing a standby generator is a must. Otherwise, your loved one could face complications when an outage occurs. 

This product engages automatically when the power goes out, so medical equipment will continue running without interruptions. This way, your loved one will remain safe and healthy throughout the event.

3. Avoid Maintenance

Unlike portable generators, which need to be refueled often, standby models are powered by natural gas or propane. As such, they can run continuously for days without needing refills. 

To prepare for power outages, turn to Powers Guaranteed Services. Founded in 1994, we install and maintain standby generators throughout NH. MA and CT. Our highly trained team is certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association and will design a solution that meets your needs and budget.