generator in front of brick wall

When municipal electrical lines experience outages, a generator prevents the power from going out in your home. However, the equipment must function as expected to provide backup power, which requires upkeep. Here are a few reasons why scheduling service for your generator is helpful in the long run.

Why You Must Care for Your Residential Generator

1. Prevents Damage

Standby generators are reliable, but can still experience malfunctions. Maintenance includes battery checks, load-bank testing, cooling system inspections, and other procedures that identify minor issues before more damage occurs.

Fixing problems while they’re minor will help you save on costly service and replacement, allowing you to make the most out of your investment.

2. Improves Safety

woman looking into fridge

Power outages can be dangerous if they happen during winter and you’re unable to operate home heating equipment. They can also be costly if you lose all of your groceries to food spoilage.

Consistent upkeep ensures you have access to power during an outage, allowing you to run appliances that are essential to your family’s health and comfort.

3. Increases Energy Efficiency

Standby generators require fuel to operate. The better maintained the equipment is, the more efficiently it will use its natural gas or fuel.

If you must run your generator for an extended period while waiting for power to return, enhanced energy efficiency might prevent you from running out of gas. Improved fuel consumption also helps you save money and preserves your unit since it won’t need to work harder to produce the standard output.

To keep your generator in top shape, turn to Powers Guaranteed Services. Our licensed and certified technicians have serviced products for homeowners throughout New England since 1994. We create customized maintenance agreements suited to customer needs.