3 Ways Business Owners Can Prepare for Winter Power Outages​

Severe winter storms often cause power outages. For example, snow and ice buildup on power lines can snap the cables, while tree limbs can break and crash into wires. Fortunately, with commercial generators, you can still operate lights and appliances. Here are a few ways to keep building occupants and equipment safe until the outage is fixed.

How to Get Your Business Ready for Power Outages

1. Check Emergency Lighting

Local building codes outline what type of lighting should be installed based on the building’s number of stories and occupancy. This way, employees can safely navigate interiors when the lights go out.

Emergency lights are typically installed in corridors, stairwells, elevator banks, offices, conference rooms, and communal areas. Test them to ensure they work during an emergency.  If you need assistance in getting emergency lighting installed, we can help. See our electrical services here.

man in yellow hardhat and plaid shirt looking at control panel2. Install a Surge Protector

Once the power returns, the electrical charge inside the power lines can increase, creating a surge.

A power surge can burn out office electronics and machinery. To keep your investments safe, have a surge protector installed on the circuit breaker panel. If an electrical current’s voltage gets too high, the protector will direct the excess power to the grounding wire, safely dispersing it.

3. Get a Commercial Generator

A backup generator is installed outside the business, kicking on as soon as it detects an outage. The unit has an automatic transfer switch, which disconnects the utility line from the main panel to become your business’s main power source.

Most generators are fueled by natural gas or propane. If your building has more than four floors, at least one elevator should be powered by a commercial generator. When municipal power returns, the device goes back to standby mode. Learn more about our commercial generator services.

For standby generators to keep your business running smoothly, connect with us. Certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association, our technicians have provided equipment installation and maintenance for over 25 years. If you ever require repairs, we offer a one-trip service guarantee.