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Why Should You Purchase an Automatic Standby Generator?

1. Durability

Gasoline portable generators are not usually well built and have a short lifespan because of it. Also, gasoline causes excessive carbon buildup in the oil. This causes dirty oil to constantly circulate through the engine, accelerating engine wear. Natural Gas or Propane automatic generators do not suffer from these issues and also burn fuel cleanly, making engine oil last longer and protect your engine better.

2. Reliability

Gasoline has a shelf life of 30 days to 3 months, after which point the fuel has degraded enough to be inefficient. Also, ethanol in gasoline absorbs moisture from the air to create a gel that plugs up the fuel system and renders the generator inoperable when you need it most. Natural gas or Propane powered automatic standby generators are not susceptible to contamination, ensuring it will have a reliable fuel source when duty calls.

3. Safetyblue gas tanks

Gasoline is commonly stored in plastic receptacles, posing risks of spillage and fire. Natural gas is delivered to your home via a utility provider, and does not require you to store it on your property. Propane fuel brings the utility to you, and the heavy duty steel storage tanks are weatherproof, air tight, and located away from the home- making fuel available safely.

4. Sustainability

Natural Gas and Propane are clean-burning, meaning they emit less soot, carbon monoxide, and other fumes that combine to form greenhouse gases. Its decreased carbon content is also beneficial to the generator, as it minimizes the number of deposits left behind. With less accumulation decreasing the efficiency of the unit, you save on repairs over time.

Our licensed technicians will help you make the right choice for your standby power and home heating or cooling needs. Certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), we carry a range of products. We also offer maintenance services to help you extend the life span of your generator. Customers can expect 15-minute emergency callbacks and exemplary customer service at every level. Learn more about residential generators online, or call us for more information.