Why Mini-Splits? What are the Benefits?

Ductless mini-split systems can supply cooled and heated air to a single or a few rooms of a building, without ducts and in a decentralized manner. Several rooms or zones can be conditioned independently from each other, each with its own indoor unit and simultaneously from a single outdoor unit.

  • Cost & Efficiency – Energy efficiency means big cost savings! Mini-Splits have proven to be up to 250% more efficient than standard electric heating and cooling systems.
  • Sound – What sound?! These systems are almost silent while running.
  • Comfort – Mini-Splits remove moisture from the air, providing more comfort in your home
  • Year-Round Flexibility – Although Mini-Splits should generally be used as a supplementary heating & cooling source, these systems are extremely flexible and efficient for both hot summers and cold winters. They are most efficient at 20° Fahrenheit and above but some systems can effectively tolerate temperatures down to -15°F!

How Does it Work?

To keep it simple, Mini-Split systems pull the heat out of the air either outside or inside your home. The workhorse of this system is the highly efficient variable speed compressor that runs the air through the system and converts it for cooling and heating. (Yes – your air has heat in it even in very low temperatures.)

How Many Zones Do I Need?

The number of rooms you want to heat or cool with your mini-split system will help you decide whether you need a Single-Zone or Multi-Zone system installed.

  • Single-Zone – A Single-Zone system is ideal for heating and cooling one specific area of your house. The only downside to Single-Zones is that they cannot later be converted into Multi-Zone systems if you decide to upgrade your whole home.
  • Multi-Zone – Multi-Zone systems are able to control up to 3-5 different areas of your house on one outdoor unit (dependent on the brand). Each zone can be controlled separately for maximum, customized comfort. (Please note: Each indoor unit will require additional pipework on the outside of your home.)

Sizing Guidelines (Your needs may vary based on size and layout of your home.)

Coverage Needed (area in sq. ft.) Approximate Capacity Required (BTUs/hour)
150-350 sq. ft. 6,000-8,000 BTUs
350-550 sq. ft. 8,000-12,000 BTUs
550-750 sq. ft. 12,000-14,000 BTUs
750-1000 sq. ft. 18,000 BTUs
1000-1500 sq. ft. 21,000-24,000 BTUs
mini-split mounted on orange wall

Still have questions?

We know this can get a little confusing, so let us help you determine what size system will best fit your needs. We are happy to discuss your plans and we will work through these calculations together to customize your perfect heating & cooling solution. Give us a call M-F 8-4 EST.