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Hurricane season stretches from June to November, which means that power outages are possible during this period. If you have a generator, there are some steps you should take to ensure it’s ready for the job. While you should check the owner’s manual first for detailed instructions and guidelines, below are a few general tips you can follow.

3 Ways to Prepare a Generator for Storms

1. Run a Test

Warm up the unit to ensure it’s able to handle and sustain a sudden load when you face a power outage.

Connected to a property’s wiring system, a standby generator automatically runs when the power goes out. Most models come with test buttons that generate artificial demands, but you can also simulate one by manually shutting down your electricity. The unit should take up to 30 seconds to turn on and deliver power to lighting and appliances.

2. Check Fuel Sourceshand on fuel pipe

If a few minutes pass without your generator starting up, check its fuel sources. Most standby generators run on propane or gas or diesel fuel, so make sure that all tanks are full.

If you have a natural gas line connection, ask your provider to inspect the piping for safety. If the device relies on propane, use the manufacturer’s recommendations to stock up on at least three days’ worth of fuel.

3. Schedule a Tuneup

Like most mechanical systems, generators need routine maintenance to run at peak efficiency. Lack of upkeep can cause them to fail prematurely, especially with prolonged use during extended power outages.

Have your unit checked by a professional each year. During routine inspection and maintenance, a technician performs a comprehensive assessment of the equipment to identify and repair hidden issues. They also conduct necessary tuneups to improve efficiency. A planned maintenance agreement saves you the trouble of experiencing malfunctions. 

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