Generators offer many advantages for homeowners. If you’re considering getting one, you may have some questions about its basic operation and upkeep. The guide below covers the essentials that you should know. 

Typical Questions About Generators

Why is it important to have a generator? 

A generator is handy when your local power grid fails, like after a major storm. Depending on the unit’s specifications and level of demand, it may cover anywhere from a few hours to several days of use.

Not only is this helpful for uninterrupted operation of daily household appliances and lights, but it also can supply power to equipment like sump pumps, which can protect your home from water damage. 

How do generators work? 

All generators rely on some form of electromagnetic induction to create an electric current. Units can be powered by diesel, gas, propane, natural gas, or some combination thereof. Some units are also battery-operated. 

The engine uses these fuels tofinger pressing thermostat produce mechanical input. The alternator then converts this into electrical energy that gets transferred to a circuit. 

What parts of the generator should I know about? 

Generators consist of many complex parts, from the engine to the voltage regulator. There are only a few that most homeowners will need to interact with as part of unit maintenance. For example, you may need to access, drain, and refill the oil chamber in accordance with your manual.

This typically will entail removing the spark plug to prevent accidental starts and opening the oil drain release valve. The location of these parts varies from model to model, so contact the manufacturer or seller for specifications. 

How can I help it run properly? 

Don’t let the generator go unused for long periods. Running it for at least 30 minutes every few months will ensure it gets the necessary “exercise,” allowing it to function effectively.

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