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Remote generator monitoring allows users and technicians to identify and predict potential malfunctions. This highly convenient solution offers numerous benefits to owners and managers of industrial facilities. If you’ve yet to install a remote monitoring system for your backup power source, here’s more information to convince you to implement it.

How Does Remote Generator Monitoring Work?

Generator monitoring is conducted through software that connects your generator to telephones, wireless internet, or specialized pieces of equipment. Once this program is installed, data centers and technicians can access your device remotely.

If a problem arises with your backup, the system sends the facility a signal to alert managers to the issue. Alarms and lights may also activate, indicating where the malfunction lies so a professional can make repairs. In many cases, monitoring systems catch problems before they produce noticeable changes in operation.

industrial generatorWhat Are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring?

With this technology, you ensure your generator is ready and able to operate when needed. Most monitoring systems have control panels that allow factory managers to run load tests, review testing records, and manually check for errors to ensure testing was conducted properly and on time. That way, your business is less likely to experience interruptions in the event of grid failure.

Power outages and service interruptions are more common during periods of inclement weather. If a generator malfunctions during a storm, your facility maintenance team may have to brave the elements to reach the backup location. Not only does this put them at risk of slip-and-fall accidents, but it also makes any necessary adjustments or repairs more difficult and time-consuming. With a remote monitoring system, professionals can prevent problems and access the generator remotely, staying safe and helping you avoid liability and downtime.

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