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Docking Stations

What is a Docking Station?

  • A quick connect to power a building or facility with a temporary generator
  • Provides redundancy to stationary standby generators
  • Creates options for non-critical load services to be powered up
  • Quick easy access for load bank testing
  • Option for temporary generator to be quickly disconnected once utility power is restored

Why do you need a Docking Station?

Load Banking

  • Eliminates long and difficult connection points
  • Reduces the amount of time a customer is without backup generator
  • Compliance with Article 700.3(F) of National Electrical Code

Portable Generator Connection​

  • Available in the event you lose the primary, permanent generator
  • Available if you must service a permanent generator during an extended utility outage
  • Backing up the permanent generator during a load bank test

docking station

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