Sustainable, Quiet Energy Backup for Your Home.

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Power is changing. Sustainable energy is more affordable and more available than ever before. Advanced battery technology has become a powerful tool to help homeowners weather power outages and control their electrical usage. An Energy Storage System (ESS) can be a vital part of your home’s energy network —and we are here to help. What’s more, Energy Storage Systems currently qualify for substantial tax savings!



How Energy Storage works

Energy storage systems are designed to collect and store energy for later use. For homes, they are typically comprised of highly efficient batteries, providing hours of standby power. And right now, they qualify for significant tax credits.

Works with home solar panel systems

During a power outage, a standalone solar array cannot provide usable energy. Adding a battery backup energy storage system allows you to store solar energy for use during an outage.

Supplemental backup power

New or existing standby generators can be integrated with some energy storage systems.

Uninterrupted power

Unlike a standby generator, where there is a lag between the power going out and the generator powering on, an energy storage system provides immediate, seamless transfer of power during an outage.

Scalable power

An energy storage system can be customized to suit a range of energy usage needs, from powering a few items to supplying power to the entire house.

Tax savings

Energy Storage Systems qualify for a 30% tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act!

Easy energy monitoring and management

Most energy storage systems come with a user-friendly app so you can monitor and manage how power is being stored and consumed.


Because Energy Storage is so scalable, the price depends largely on the individual’s home energy needs. Generally speaking, fully installed systems start at $30,000 and can increase depending on what circuits you choose to power, and how long you need them to run in an outage.

We currently offer battery backups from leading manufacturers FranklinWH and Briggs & Stratton SimpliPHI. The system design may dictate which brand is used, as each brand has different features, or you can look to us to make a recommendation based on your needs following a review.

One of the benefits of Energy Storage Systems is that with no moving parts, maintenance is minimal. If there’s ever an issue with a warrantied battery array, we’ll replace it for you.

Usually, we can schedule installation eight to ten weeks after our initial site visit. Installation can take 1-2 days depending on the ESS size and location.

Our corporate office is in Swanzey, NH with service locations throughout New England to support our service and response time guarantees.

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